Amazon Returns

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Got An Amazon Return?

Amazon recently added a label selection for return shipping that uses a QR code. The instructions say to take it to a United Parcel Shipping Store for a quick and easy scan and the label is printed for you. That’s only if you take it to a UPS Store. Amazon and UPS have managed a proprietary partnership to scan QR codes to produce labels, excluding all other shipping centers.

Let A Better Mail Service, LLC be your Friend! Select "Email a Friend"

Our easy solution to this problem is this: 

Select "Email a Friend". A Better Mail Service LLC is your new friend! Have the shipping label emailed to: Use our printer! Our $3 service will save you a trip to Beaumont, which saves you about 15 miles!

Already have the QR Code? Here’s the work around: Cancel the return in Amazon and re-start it, then change your label selection to "Email a Friend". Have the email sent to: Our $1 service will save you time!

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